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Add alcohol AND Esbit as optional fuels

This is the fourth generation of the MultiFuel Kit I make available for the FireFly and the FireFly XL. This new kit is lighter and much less expensive. The cornerstones of this system are the redesigned "WindShield" and new "Base". These fold flat to be stored with your stove in its pouch, and the WindShield opens up to work beautifully as a ground shield in wood burning mode, or as a key element of wind protection when burning alcohol or Esbit. Check out the video to see how this all works together.
NOTE: If you only want to use Esbit as a backup fuel, another option to consider is my ULtimate Esbit System.

The advantages of this system are lower cost, lighter weight, adaptability to anything from small beer can pots to much larger pots, and dual use as a great ground shield.

You can use the Windshield and Base with your own burner and/or support, or you can get one of mine. Both DualFuel burners are nice and compact. I recommend the DualFuel XL unless you never heat more than 2 cups of water. The stainless steel Mesh Pot Stand or new Hinge pot stand keeps the Esbit tab or alcohol burner at the optimum distance from your pot for the most efficient burn. Esbit Mode: Just unscrew the top lid of the the burner to use it as a burner pan to hold one or more Esbit tabs. One half-ounce tab will heat 3 cups of water. Alcohol Mode: Removing the lid reveals the alcohol burner, which uses carbon felt to wick the alcohol. Go to my Burners Page to get more information on the burners and pot supports.

WindShield+Base for FireFly - 10g
WindShield+Base for FireFly XL - 13g
Dual Fuel Burner - lid serves as Esbit burner - 19g
Dual Fuel XL Burner - double the alcohol capacity - 26g
Mesh Pot Stand - stainless steel, 6" by 2" - 11g
Hinge folding pot support - 2" high - 8.5g

BOTTOM LINE: Take a FireFly with FlexPort, and add the WindShield+Base, a Mesh or Hinge pot support, and either the alcohol or Esbit half of the DualFuel or DualFuel XL burner and you still are under 4 ounces for all this cooking flexibility! You know you WANT to have it.

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