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I just love making something that is the lightest option you can find. Since its debut in 2012, numerous improvements in design were suggested by users and by my own experiences with it on trail. The result is that this is just about the lightest right-sized collapsible wood burning stove you can get. I also make a larger stove, the FireFly XL.

SPECIFICATIONS: The titanium FireFly stove has a stainless steel mesh floor and weighs just 2.8 ounces, even with its FlexPort door. My hiking socks weigh more! The FireFly assembles and comes apart easily and quickly, forming a flat package less than half an inch thick and going easily into even the tiniest pack in its pouch. Other wood burners are generally heavier and bulkier. The FireFly is now designed to work very well with the vast majority of pots that backpackers use, from small cooking mugs to large pots with a diameter of up to 6 inches. The fuel box below your pot holds 42 cubic inches of fuel. One loose filling of twigs will usually boil a couple cups of water, but it is easy to add additional twigs or other fuel as needed. The FlexPort allows you to feed longer pieces of wood into the firebox and is very popular, super useful for feeding the fire more easily, but also controlling fire temperature for simmering, baking, and grilling food. The stove is easy to light from either underneath the mesh floor (bottom lighting), through an open FlexPort (side lighting), or with a small fire started on top of a twig load (top lighting), and has a strong chimney effect to get twigs burning quickly. To slow down the burn with an open FlexPort, you can use the optional titanium foil insert to reduce bottom ventilation.

For beverage can pots (Heineken, Fosters and others) that have a smaller bottom surface area, I make optional titanium "narrow pot supports" that hold these narrow pots securely at the right height. These also work well to support light cooking grills like the one in my Grilling Kit. Optional titanium "wide pot supports" are available if you want to use a pot or pan with a diameter greater than 6 inches. The standard heavy duty 8 mil ziplock pouch that you will get with the stove adds only 9g and if you choose to get my optional reinforced tyvek pouch it is only 11g. Optional titanium narrow pot supports are a measly 4g per pair; wide pot supports are 7 grams. The optional titanium foil floor insert weighs only 3g.

Check out the Stove Videos page to see demonstrations of both the FireFly and FireFly XL in action, and to see how the FlexPort works. Other pages have information on my MultiFuel option for alcohol AND Esbit, my ULtimate Esbit System, as well as descriptions and mouth-watering videos of the Complete Grill Kit (for steaks, burgers, or other grilled food). I also make a unique UL Hanging Esbit burner for the FireFly. Spare parts can be found on my Contact page.

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