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This is the 5 ounce Little Buck!

I make the lightest saw with a 15" blade available anywhere. The Little Buck is less than half the weight of any other 15 inch saw available, including bow saws, pruning saws, and Sven saws. Most of these weigh at least a half pound more. The Little Buck features a number of design innovations, including a rock-stable windlass configuration and a cushy handle grip. Best of all, the saw is weighs just 5 ounces, including the padded grip, which is removable.

You may seldom use a saw, depending on where and when you backpack, and your own preferences. I use my own Little Buck for trail clearing and related trail maintenance and to cut firewood in the winter (when fires are permitted and there is an existing fire ring). I really like that it can collapse down to a small bundle rolled up in its fiberglass-reinforced tyvek pouch, and get tucked into my pack side pocket just in case I need it.

The saw uses three custom-cut aluminum alloy tubes for the structural members, a very high quality made-in-USA steel saw blade, and 4 feet of non-stretch Spectra cord for the tightening windlass (so that after assembly it does not loosen as you use it). It breaks down into a 15 by 2 inch bundle, assembles in less than a minute, and has no stray parts to lose. The saw blade works well for both green and dry wood. A bone saw blade is available for hunters. Check out my video on this page to see the saw assembled and disassembled.

For the newest iteration of the saw, launched in Spring of 2023, I have beefed up the side tubes and found an even better USA-made blade, found a more durable foam grip, and now have titanium pins at BOTH ends of the blade for an even more rigid saw. The website pictures and video still show the previous version (working on that!)

The Little Buck price includes a reinforced tyvek storage pouch that only weighs 13 grams. I will ship in a sturdy tube and include an illustrated owners manual. Spare wood saw blades can be added to your order here or from my Contact page.

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