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Stoves That Burn Wood, Alcohol, Esbit,
or MultiFuel - Get 'em all here!

Wood Is Good - The FireFly is an extremely versatile, incredibly light wood burning backpacking stove. If you are ready to try a twig stove for your trail adventures, look no further. Now made from laser-cut titanium, it has numerous options for alcohol and Esbit back-up burners, for Ports to feed longer sticks into the fire box, for a titanium floor to reduce bottom ventilation, and even a kit for dry baking and an UL titanium grill for cooking up a backcountry steak. A larger XL model is also available. Go to the FireFly and FireFly XL pages for more information, videos, and a detailed look at all the options and accessories.

Windscreens; Pot Supports; DualFuel Burners -
My titanium windscreens are made of thin, strong, light 0.10 mm thick titanium. Come in eight sizes to match up well with the majority of pots that backpackers use. Use them with your own alcohol or Esbit burner, or get them with a Bottlestove.com burner or one of my own UL pot supports and DualFuel or DualFuel XL burners that can use both alcohol and Esbit fuel. Windscreens also pair up well with my ULtimate Esbit System. Go to the Windscreens page and the Burners & Pot Stands page for more info, videos, and to pick what's right for you.

Kits with Titanium or Aluminum Pots & Alcohol Burners -
I've been able to source and assemble three great starter kits with everything you need for backcountry cooking. Titanium (2 sizes) or aluminum pots, titanium windscreen, and choice of burner and pot stand. Individual components also available separately. If you are looking for an incredible deal on a Complete Kit, or even just a great pot, look no further. Compare with other options you are considering. Go to the Kits page for all the details.

ULtimate Esbit System - Featherweight 4 gram Esbit burner and 6 gram pot stand that can be used with any windscreen or even a FireFly stove. Unique fold-flat design can burn an Esbit tab at full heat in 15 minutes or stretch it out for more than a half hour for simmering or dry baking. Videos of how it all works and yours truly dry baking a nice big muffin are all on the ULtimate System page.

Grilling, Baking, and UL Hanging Esbit Burners - I've been able partner with Gary, the Zia Grill guy, to offer his titanium grills and Stix on my site. Full size and Mini Grills can be used over an open fire, or paired with most commercial and DIY stoves. Also check out my dry Baking Kit and UL Hanging Esbit burners for the FireFly and Emberlit wood burning stoves. I've even got two sizes of titanium spatulas for your backcountry pan cooking.

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