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Why a windscreen? Well, whether you have an alcohol or Esbit burner under your pot, the wind can interfere with the heat of your burner getting to your pot, and even blow out the burner flame if it's strong enough. Get yourself one of my everlasting 0.10mm thick titanium windscreens and you'll heat your pot faster with less fuel. If you use the same pot with different kinds of stoves, it may be possible to have one windscreen that works with all of them. In terms of size, you want to have a 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch gap all around your pot (the windscreen diameter should be 3/4 to 1 inch larger than your pot's diameter). If you have several pots, you can get windscreens that match each one, OR get one that fits the largest pot and use paper clips to adjust it for your smaller pots. If you have a really squat pot, I can trim the height of either a regular or TALL windscreen to your specifications. Just let me know what you need. See the video on this page for a demonstration of how it all works (video mentions an 8cm height for regular windscreens, but they are actually 3" high or 7.6cm).

A relatively new option is a regular small windscreen with 1/8" trimmed off the height to fit the popular Toaks 550 pot perfectly. These windscreens also pair perfectly with my ULtimate Esbit System, and the small windscreen will actually fit on the FireFly stove tabs to be used with a backup alcohol burner and small pot like a Toaks 750. You may want to check out Sectionhiker's review.

Custom Small for 550 Toaks pot - 2.85 high - 13g
Regular Windscreens (All are 3" high):
Small - 4.75" diam, pots up to 4.0" in diameter - 15g
Medium - 5.75" diam, pots up to 5.0" in diameter - 18g
Large - 6.75" diam, pots up to 6.0" in diameter - 21g
XLarge - 7.32" diam, pots up to 6.5" in diameter - 23g

TALL Windscreens (All are 4.5" high):
TALL Small - 4.75", pots up to 4.0" in diameter - 23g
TALL Medium - 5.75", pots up to 5.0" in diameter - 27g
TALL Large - 6.75", pots up to 6.0" in diameter - 32g
TALL XLarge - 7.32", pots up to 6.5" in diameter - 35g

Maybe you already have an alcohol burner and pot support and just need a great windscreen. But if you need a burner, I've got those too. Just go check out my Burners & Pot Stands page

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