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Great Burner and Pot Stand Options

BURNERS: If you need a burner, just grab one of my two sizes of DualFuel low-profile burners. The smaller regular DualFuel burner has a 3/4 oz alcohol capacity. Under most conditions, it will bring 2 cups of water to a boil with just a half ounce of alcohol. The larger DualFuel XL burner holds twice the alcohol and will bring 4 cups of water to a boil with one fill. Both DualFuels are lined with black carbon felt which works perfectly to wick the alcohol for a complete burn. For both DualFuel burners, the screwtop lid serves as an Esbit tray. You can heat 2 cups of water with half a tab, or bring 3 cups to a boil with a full tab. Because the burners are low-profile, your windscreen will shield more of your pot bottom and will generally be able to fit right in your pot. You may want to check out Sectionhiker's review of my DualFuel burner, pot stand, and windscreen.

POT STANDS: My stainless steel mesh pot stands, with care, will last forever and never rust or give off toxic vapors like galvanized hardware cloth can. A mesh stand can be flattened out or bent into a "C" shape and carried in your pot. The new Hinge folding pot support is the most compact option. It is made from brass mini-tubes and stainless steel rods. With both pot stands, height is set at 2 inches for optimum heat transfer. Both work perfectly with either DualFuel burner. To see how everything works in more detail, take a look at the video clip on this page.

WANT MORE? If you need a windscreen too, I have nine sizes of UL titanium windscreens available on my Windscreens Page.

Dual Fuel Burner - lid serves as Esbit burner - 19g
DualFuel XL burner - twice the alcohol capacity - 26g
Mesh Pot Stand - stainless steel, 6" by 2" - 11g
Hinge Folding Pot Support - 8.5g

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