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UL, Versatile, Compact, Fuel-Efficient Trail Cooking

More and more people are using Esbit as a primary or backup fuel. To expand your options for this, I have the ULtimate Esbit System shown here. In designing components for this new system, I wanted to end up with the lightest possible Esbit kit that would work with essentially any pot and windscreen as well as the FireFly, had the flexibility to simmer and dry bake in your pot, as well as just heat water very efficiently. I also wanted components to be compact and easily stowed flat in a pouch or pot. All the ULtimate Esbit System components work well together, but can also be used as part of a system that includes a windscreen or baking pot insert you already have. You can get the whole System in the form of a Combo Pack, or even individual parts of the System if you prefer. If you want a great windscreen to go with it, I make titanium windscreens to fit just about any pot, and these pair nicely with an ULtimate System. The first video shows how things work together; the second video is a muffin baking demo.

If you already have a FireFly (or are planning to get one), you can use the ULtimate Esbit System along with a WindShield that you can order here or from the FireFly MultiFuel page. This adds all of the capabilities of Esbit backup, simmering, and in-pot dry baking for less than one more ounce carried, and fits beautifully in your 8 mil ziplock or tyvek stove pouch.

The titanium FireRing is placed on the aluminum Base. It controls air supply through its air intake ports to the burning Esbit cube. With ports down, a full cube burns in 15 minutes. With ports up, it takes about 30 minutes, perfect for dry baking or simmering. Even though it forms a ring, it folds completely flat. The folding Hinge is a 2-inch high pot stand made of thin stainless steel rods and brass tubes. It will support even a full 1.3L Evernew pot. You can see more about the Hinge HERE.
My BakePan is made from a special aluminum and is pinched at the corners to create a baking pan. Just flatten it out again to go into your stove pouch. It goes on top of the folding XSpacer.

FireRing and Base - 3.5g
Hinge folding pot stand - 8.5g
BakePan and Xspacer - 8g

WHAT'S A COMBO PACK?: The ULtimate Combo Pack has a FireRing, Base, Hinge, BakePan, and XSpacer. You know you WANT one.

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