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Check out these clips . . .

Want to carry no fuel?

Want to burn a wood fire but leave no fire scar?

Want to have an option to use an alcohol or Esbit burner in your wood stove? Well this is the stove for the job!

Most of the videos you can find online were made with the original hand-cut FireFly. The current FireFly version is laser-cut, but is functionally the same as the hand-cut model you see here.

The first video shows a 2012 FireFly stove in action with the FlexPort that allows you to feed the fire with longer pieces of wood through a side port. Burn, baby burn!

The second video shows a 2013 FireFly XL, featuring the use of its FlexPort and titanium floor insert, and includes tips on how to stay soot-free when packing up your stove.

Use the links to the left to get more information about MultiFuel options for using Alcohol AND Esbit as backup fuels, the ULtimate Esbit System, and Grilling options that will work with both the FireFly and FireFly XL. There are additional videos on the MultiFuel page, the UL Esbit system page, and on the Grilling page. See how easy it is to add alcohol or Esbit as a back up fuel. Tempt yourself to try an ultralight stainless steel Grill for mouth-watering steaks, burgers, or skewers.

Now we are COOKING!

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