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Now you're cooking LARGE!

The FireFly is an ideal choice for a backpacker who is looking for an ultralight, compact, wood burning option. However, some folks need to cook for more than 1 or 2 people, using larger pots, or are less concerned with weight and just like bigger equipment.

Enter the FireFly XL! Still a lightweight stove, but able to handle bigger cooking jobs with ease. Designed with all of the FireFly stove's innovative features, with some new wrinkles based on big stove requirements.

SPECIFICATIONS: FireFly XL stoves are made from laser-cut titanium with a standard FlexPort, stainless steel mesh floor, titanium floor insert, and removable titanium small pot supports. Fuel capacity is 96 cubic inches, twice that of the regular FireFly. All of this, and just 5.8 light ounces! The FireFly XL assembles and comes apart easily and quickly, forming a flat package about a quarter inch thick. A heavy duty 8 mil ziplock pouch comes standard with the stove, and a reinforced tyvek pouch is an available option.

The generous fuel capacity means that it is super easy to get a fire started and keep it going, especially if you use the FlexPort to feed in longer twigs and sticks as they burn. The stove can be lit from underneath the mesh floor (bottom lighting), through an open FlexPort (side lighting), or with a small fire started on top of a twig load (top lighting). To slow down the burn, especially with an open FlexPort, just use the titanium insert to reduce bottom ventilation. For a look at a typical burn, take a look at this video of a top-lit fire using both the FlexPort and the titanium insert.

If you want to use alcohol AND Esbit as back up fuels for your XL, a kit for this is available on my MultiFuel Options page. The ULtimate Esbit System will also work with the FireFly XL, as will the Grill you can find on the Grilling page.

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Grilling Accessories for the FireFly can also be used with the FireFly XL. A MultiFuel Kit is also available.