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Can you pack it? . . .

As you probably know, wood burning will create a bit of soot on your stove. So something to put the stove into before sliding it into your pack is pretty essential. With your stove you will get a tough 8 mil ziplock for it. You may want to make your own stove carrying pouch or find a flat hard-sided container to put it in.

OR, you could get one of my nifty tyvek carriers. After some trial and error, I decided these pouches needed to be tougher than plain tyvek, so I've lined them inside with a flexible fiberglass mesh layer. This will make your pouch much more durable over time. Even with the reinforcement, a pouch only weighs 11 grams (FireFly) or 15 grams (FireFly XL). They also have a convenient velcro closure. See the stove videos for demonstrations of the pouch.

This new improved pouch can be ordered at the same time as your stove to save few bucks, or ordered by itself at any time.

Get a pouch and get packing!
You know you WANT one.

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