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Why just boil water? Go for the grill!

Grilling is not as easy as boiling water, but the results are truly worth the trouble. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The trick is to control the heat of your twig fire: hot enough without creating a blast furnace. The two keys to success are to use dry twigs and an open FlexPort to move wood in and out of the fire. The video on this page illustrates pretty well how to grill with the Kit (go right to the 4 minute mark if you want to see the cooking demo). If you already have a FireFly and want to try something new, or you are ordering one now and want to learn all the tricks, this kit is for you. I have put the Kit specifications below, but the added weight in your pack is negligible. We're talking just 14 grams for the whole shebang! The Kit components consist of the Grill itself, made from a piece of welded stainless steel mesh with 3/4" openings; a pair of titanium Narrow Pot Supports; and a pair of titanium Skewers. You can get all of these as a Complete Grilling Kit, or get any individual components or combination of components. Check out the video to see how all of this all works together. This Kit works just fine with the FireFly XL using the small pot supports that are included with the XL (for the FireFly XL, just order the Grill and Skewers).

Let me mention here that you can also contact my friend Gary, who makes some larger, but still very lightweight titanium grills. His grill is my personal favorite when I think I might want to catch and cook a fish in the backcountry.
Find information and photos of Gary's Grills HERE

Stainless Steel Grill - 7g
Narrow Pot Supports (pair) - 4g
Titanium Skewers (pair) - 3g

BOTTOM LINE: Add just a half an ounce to your pack weight for your grilling adventures! You know you WANT it.

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