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Even though it's only been available since early 2012, the FireFly has gotten a lot of attention. Sectionhiker published a review of the 2014 model, and so has Barefoot Jake. There are a number of reviews of the stove in its "early years" as well. See for example a video review by 2new2hang (Part I; Part II; Part III), a video review and comments by Captain Berz, and some videos by Medicine Man like using a FireFly to grill a steak.

Dogger - Friday morning heading out for Amicalola Falls. . . Starting the trail on the 12th. Thanks for getting the stove out so quick. I got to fire it up a few times even boiled some water with it. Great little stove, it will be going with me. Two Tents - I was lucky enough to see this little gem in use this past weekend and I was amazed at how little it is and weighs. I just should wear blinders so I don't see new stuff and then must have more gear.

Excerpts from backpackinglight thread about wood burning stoves: devoncloud - I think we all agree that considering the packing volume of the stoves the FireFly has the advantage. grampa - I ... prefer the FireFly. It's lighter, burns well, and is more flexible in fuel burnt. I have the FlexPort model, and like it a lot. . . With the Firefly, you can get the side-feed air flow, minimal chimney, slow burning to lightly saute the morel mushrooms you found. Or you can close the FlexPort, take out the notched ti floor, put in the screen floor, and boil water quickly for your freezer bag meal. zelph - My choice would be the FireFly. QiWiz - [zelph also says that his first choice would be his own Woodgaz Folding Stove; I can't blame him for liking his own work] ; )

JacobD - It is really hard for me to find anything to complain about with the Firefly . . . The simple, sturdy profile and compact broken down size should make the Firefly an appealing package to anyone hunting for a light-weight wood burner.
2new2hang - Just wanted to let you know that I have received the FireFly over here in Japan! Just let me be one of the many who have said "Wow!". I am very impressed, and for a stove junky like me, that's saying something! I have to admit, as with the saw (Little Buck) that I purchased from you, I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking there was nothing that could be as light as you claim, and still perform well. Man, just like with your saw, was I wrong! (I'm sitting here, eating my crow sandwich as we speak!....) There are many stoves on the market today, many wood burners in that selection, but the Firefly has got to be one of the best. Super lightweight, easy to assemble, few parts involved, breaks down into a small Tyvek envelope for storage, burned exceptionally well, and gives one a multipurpose use in that it will easily burn alcohol or Esbit. So, during my next trip into the woods, I'll be carrying your trowel, saw, and stove, and because of the lightweight of all three, will never even know they're with me till I need them. Did a short video on the stove, and burning with alcohol as well as wood. Hope I did it justice. Super job man! Thanks again for another great product!