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My saws can CUT it!

Jay K - Just got back from a backcountry trip to Yellowstone with three other guys. I brought your saw. And we all agreed it was our MVP piece of gear. The saw performed great and made managing our campfire much easier. We were all amazed at how heavy duty the saw felt. Your saw has a permanent place in my pack. (Along with your trowel.) Thanks for the great piece of gear. skinewmexico - I would love to have one of those for trail work. sbhikes - My first thought was I never needed a saw on the PCT and then I remembered that on my local trails it's almost impossible to backpack without bringing a saw. I sent the link to my boyfriend who actually does most of the sawing. I do the tossing of the branches. My boyfriend said he decided to order one. He can't wait to pull it out of his pack in front of our ultralight volunteer wilderness ranger friend. HaydukeAZ - So many times on the PCT this year I wished I had a small, lightweight saw. This looks great. amuroray - Awesome saw for the weight. Toli - Got mine today Rob... Took all of 30 seconds to assemble and I was cutting 4 inch dia. dried and green Red Oak with ease... 125 Grams on my scale, including a foam handle... Can't wait til this weekend when I can put it to use on the trail. Kerosene - Nice, creative and simple design. LaurensWit - I just got the new Little Buck 2G in the mail today. I'm totally impressed Rob, it cut easily through a piece of maple log I had kicking around. Well done ! I'm always inspired when a small business makes something that kicks butt. Wise Old Owl - Yes the LITTLE BUCK SAW IS AWESOME AND SUPER LIGHT AND COTTAGE! ChinMusic - Used the Little Buck 2G on a 3-day trip over the weekend. All I have to say is, "WOW". It took me awhile to put it together (I had only put it together once at my kitchen table previously), but no biggie. Once at camp I started to attack some downed wood that was propped above ground, as the area has had LOTS of recent rain. It went thru 4" stuff like it was nothing. VERY stable. I'm not sure if I had it tightened properly but the blade was taught and strong. I had previously used my buddy's Sawvivor and the 2G was tons easier. I did a couple 6"ers for the fun of it. They obviously took longer but it went smoothly. The 4"ers were the sweet spot for our needs. We had a perfect winter fire. DavidinKenai - I am impressed with the low weight and versatility of the Little Buck. I have brought traditional bow and frame saws on BP trips and it would be far superior in weight and packed size. My wife is always after me for gift suggestions and the Little Buck is on the list. Toli - Will you please send me the Tyvek pouch for my new 2G... I love that saw! Tim F - Received the saw last week and I am quite impressed. It is such a simple design and works so well. It is rare to add something to my kit that requires no compromises, . . . but this definitely fits in that category. . . lighter and infinitely more useful than my current saw. I look forward to your next product! 2new2hang - Just got your saw in the mail over here in Japan! What an awesome product. I'll be carrying this with me most of the time. I have to say I am really impressed with the sturdiness and quality of this saw. I though for sure, being so light, it would break. No chance. Cuts wood like going through butter. I did just a short video of your saw on youtube.