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Can you roll it? . . .

When I made my own Little Buck, I tried to figure out the best way to carry it in my pack. I came up with a method of rolling it up in a bandana. You can see this demonstrated in the top video on the videos page. This works fine, but ties up a bandana, so I ended up carrying a second bandana. Eventually, a user suggested some kind of a tyvek pouch might be a good idea for those folks who don't carry a bandana. I liked this idea and came up with a nice design for one. See the saw videos for a demonstration of the pouch.

I found that the tyvek pouch was less than half the weight of a bandana, coming in at a measly 13 grams. It has a nifty velcro closure and is fiberglass-reinforced at stress points. The entire bottom of the pouch where the sharp teeth of the blade rest is also reinforced with fiberglass mesh.

I liked it so much that I've converted over to a tyvek pouch for my own Little Buck and now include one with every saw. The picture shows the first generation Little Buck, now improved to be even better (see the Little Buck order page).

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