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The second generation Little Buck is less than half the weight of any other 15 inch saw available. Most of these weigh at least a half pound more. Design improvements include an even more rock-stable windlass configuration and a new cushy handle grip. Even with the improvements, it still weighs ONLY 3.85 ounces! The padded grip, which is removable, adds another half ounce. The MEGA buck uses the same cutting edge design as the Little Buck, but has beefed-up structural tubes and components to handle the increased leverage forces in a larger saw. Amazingly, it still comes in at less than 8 oz.

The videos here all feature the Little Buck, which is a great backpacking saw. The videos show how it assembles and disassembles, how it cuts, and how the tyvek pouch works. The MEGA Buck Saw is really just a larger version of the same design, with beefed up components. It is capable of getting through 8-9 inch diameter timbers with no difficulty.

Both saws use three USA-made aluminum alloy tubes for the structural members, a very high quality European steel saw blade, and two loops of non-stretch Spectra cord for the tightening windlass (so that after assembly it does not loosen as you use it). They break down into compact 15 or 24 by 2 inch bundles, assembles in less than a minute, and have no stray parts to lose. The saw blades work well for both green and dry wood.

I use my own Little Buck or MEGA Buck for trail clearing and related trail maintenance and to cut firewood in the winter (when fires are permitted and there is an existing fire ring). I really like that they collapse down to a small bundle and are easily tucked into my pack side pocket.

The Little Buck and MEGA Buck prices include shipping in the USA. I highly recommend the optional tyvek storage pouches. I will ship in a sturdy tube and include an illustrated owners manual.

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