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They DIG my trowels!

My trowels are favorite gear items for many. A PCT thru-hiking couple named the Big Dig as "Gear Of The Week" on their blog. A UK bikepacker has also reviewed the Big Dig. Check out this review of the Original trowel by Liz Thomas, aka triple-crown long distance hiker "Snorkel". Another convert is thru hiker Jonathan Mantay, who did a nice review of his Big Dig. Drop-N-Roll took this video clip of Love Note winning a cathole digging contest on the CDT with her Original trowel. SectionHiker has also done a review of the Big Dig which may interest you. You can read a lot of user comments below, but my all time favorite is this one: panatomicx - "the most perfect and valuable piece of backpacking equipment ever conceived in the history of the planet" - Can you dig it?

YetiEddie - Got my trowel today via mail and it's as advertised. The real deal. Bravo. grampa - Rob, The (Original) trowel arrived yesterday, and looks great! Much lighter than my Montbell trowel. Jacob D - Thanks Rob. Received the trowel today; I gave the envelope to my wife and told her to check out her early anniversary present. For once she was thrilled. I'm pretty excited too... about to go dig a hole in the yard and make some soup. randalmartin - Thanks Robert for the opportunity to go lighter! Dianoda - You just saved me a good 3 ounces! YetiEddie - As a card carrying member of the Trowel troop, I can say that these are featherweight, durable and indispensible. You won't be disappointed. Get one! Jacob D - I have one of the trowels from your first batch. Works great. Just used it yesterday in fact. Knaushaus - A great addition to the collection. Thanks. elisabitch - Thanks! Going in the gear kit for my PCT thru this summer. Zia-Grill-Guy - One small Poop for man, one giant Scoop for mankind - I love this thing! It actually digs quite well, seems durable and solid, and it knocks 1.3 oz. off my pack weight. Great work, Rob! petuni - Got the Original today and love it, that has potential for many uses!!!!! Thanks again for shipping to Canada! imp - Cheers Robert. Trowel arrived safely in the UK yesterday. Looks great ! Jinx667 - My Big Dig arrived today. Awesome. Thanks for making these available. camS - Thanks Robert. Big Dig arrived safely in Australia today. Dianoda - For those curious... I ordered my Big Dig a few months ago (it's great, thanks Robert!), and have access to a rather precise Mettler scale - the trowel flips between 15.4-15.5g, but settles at 15.4g, or 0.543oz. mtnbob123 - Thanks Robert. Looks great! I wrapped a 2ft long piece of orange Dyneema around the handle for better grip in my big hands. The Big Dig and a decent amount of toilet paper for a few days, in a ziplock bag, still weighed around an ounce. grampa - Big Dig arrived today - looks great! Especially the spiffy rainbow anodizing job !!! magillagorilla - Got my Original. I was worried it would be too small but it's actually a great size. . . I was also pleasantly surprised that it came with a stow pouch. I folded the tyvec envelope you sent it in, taped it long-ways, and cut open the short end. It fits the Dig and my Ti tent pegs at .15oz! snapyjohn - I got two Big Digs today one for me and the other for a fathers day gift. Nothing says I love you pop like a light weight doo shovel. It comes with instructions and everything. Seriously light trowels. Dirk9827 - I got mine and couldn't be happier...the instructions are great, not expected but appreciated for the humor. Lyndasch15 - Got it Wednesday. Loved the trowel, nice and light. I can't wait to use it on the brillo-like veg on North Manitou Island. A plastic potty trowel just didn't cut it. Loved the instructions, so did my family. smoky1 - Just got back from a trip in the smokies. Oddly enough my wife loved it. I think she went to the bathroom a couple of extra times just to use it. Each time she would come back and say this thing really works. $36.00 well spent! colinm - The Big Dig is still smaller than your average elephant turd! (see picture) Stargazer - Discovered another use for the trowel this weekend. Water was hard to come by, so I had to dig a sump with my Original trowel where there was a little trickle of water. The hole filled with water, I scooped it out, filtered it, and wasn't thirsty anymore. dirk9827 - Love your trowel. Need another! tarpon6 - Took my titanium trowel to the Sangres and it performed beautifully. Cuts through small roots with ease. At .5 oz you don't know it's there. RedwoodGuy - I started off the holiday season by giving away my Original on the last BPL group hike I went on! My Big Dig trowel has found a happy place in my backpack every time I leave the house!! HaydukeAZ - Glad to see these are available again. I have the big guy and used it on a PCT thru hike this year. It was often my favorite piece of gear. I misplaced it a couple times and became quite distraught thinking I wouldn't be able to replace it. Maybe I'll pick up another as a backup. Thanks for such a great piece of gear! HaraldHope - gotta love these things, but be warned, it may seem like an innocent ultralight trowel, but it's really a gateway drug that leads to the heavier (lighter) stuff.. and that takes you to myog, and after that, all hope is lost. But really, objectively, who is making a lighter full featured trowel? Just admit it, this is the lightest real trowel in the world. My Big Dig is less than is listed, probably no more than 0.5oz. 2new2hang - Just got the Big Dig. Awesome light multipurpose tool! Eyeballin' that ultralight saw now! sjb - the thinness of the titanium allows it to dig and cut through dirt, roots, etc., without a sharp point . . . the rounded front end allows you to scoop more dirt out of the hole. The Big Dig is truly the best cat hole trowel out there!