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Add some cooking flexibility!

If you are cooking things in a pan that need to be moved, flipped, tossed, or lifted, you need a spatula. The problem with a lot of other spatulas is that they are too big, too heavy, or made of nylon or other plastic that can melt. Not ideal for backcountry cooking. My titanium spatulas are light, flexible, and tough.

SPECIFICATIONS: You have a choice between:

The smaller Lil' Flip, 0.5 oz, 6.6" long
the most flexible of the two options

The larger Big Flip, 0.9 oz, 7.5" long
super tough but still flexible

"Thanks so much for the great spatula! I took it out on the AT with my kids this last weekend and it was perfect for cooking pancakes on the trail!
Thanks and great work!" - Ben

Spatulas make great gifts for your hiking pals!

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Join the many backcountry gourmets who use these.
You know you WANT one.

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