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So how did I come up with the trail name of QiWiz? Well I got the name when I learned to do acupuncture, which was about eight years ago now. See in Chinese medicine, the life force energy running through channels in the body is called Qi (pronounced chee). So I am a Qi Wiz, or QiWiz for short. It is also a play on words, as many fellow hikers have figured out. So maybe I am just a clever guy . . .

Anyway, I am a persistent gear tweaker, having modified or enhanced just about everything I use for backpacking. Most projects are just for my personal enjoyment, but as you can see, it did not end there. As time goes on, I may be adding some additional projects to the current list of gear I make and sell.

I do backpack year round, mostly in the Western Pennsylvania woodlands. I am a life member of both the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and of backpackinglight. I support and frequently post on whiteblaze and hammockforums. My 2011 AT adventures can be fully examined at TrailJournals if you are so inclined. There is also an interview of yours truly on HikeItLikeIt which is a first for me. .

Can you dig it?

Committed to Leave No Trace

With all the trowels I have made, my LNT interest should be no surprise. In fact, I have gone through the process of being trained first as an LNT Trainer, and later as an LNT Master Educator. I have taught two LNT Trainer courses to other backpackers who wanted to learn more about LNT. I strongly encourage everyone to get on board and learn how they and others can reduce impacts on the backcountry as we enjoy our time there.

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