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Zia Grills are made by Gary, aka the "Zia Grill Guy". I'm hosting his gear here because I want folks to be able to get a really light grilling option for their FireFly. Plus, Gary is a fellow titanium maven, working with titanium rods rather than the titanium sheets I use to make my trowels and stoves. Contact him if you want a custom pot support in addition to the gear you see here.

Zia titanium grills are the lightest backpacking grills on the planet. Full size grills weigh less than an ounce but are capable of supporting up to 2 pounds of weight, meeting many needs of the ultralight hiker while camping in the wild. Quite simply, they are very lightweight, strong, and durable grills that could be just what you need to complete your backcountry cook kit. Mini Grills are less than half an ounce, and are designed to work perfectly with a FireFly stove, though other small wood burners may also be able to use them. They function well to support a lightweight pot containing 2-4 cups of liquid, for cooking a trout or steak, or for warming up a foil wrapped meal or a can of chili. Even if you prefer using a fuel stove, a grill is a great backup in case you run out of fuel or somebody in the backcountry gives you some fish or game. Bonus!

Grills are made of pure titanium, which is not altered by the heat of a moderate campfire or even charcoal briquettes. However, a heavily weighted grill can sag if placed over a very hot fire. The sag is completely reversible, and the grill can be returned to its normal shape after it cools down. If your intention is to use the grill with a load greater than 2 pounds over a very hot fire, it is recommended that you consider a "Mega Grill". A full-size grill is easy to bend and shape while remaining quite strong. Moderate bending will not harm it. In fact, a full-size grill can even be carefully bent into thirds, at right angles, which results in a self-standing pot support. Occasional use in this manner will not result in the metal snapping. The default arc of a full-size grill will support approximately 1.3 pounds (2 cups of water in a 4.5 ounce titanium pot) and allow the weighted grill to lie in a flat position. If you want the grill to support more weight, simply bend it gently over your knee to increase the arc. Titanium has a great memory and will tend to spring back to whatever arc you choose. Zia grills are all fabricated by hand, so there will be minor variations from one grill to the next. Full size grills are all about 11 x 4 inches. Mini Grills are about 4 by 5 inches. The symmetry might not be perfect, but every grill will function fine in the field.

Grills are shipped in a heavy duty ziplock bag, which makes for easy storage in your pack. You can clean it by hand, in the dishwasher at home, or in the backcountry by simply burning off any food dregs in the fire.

PLEASE NOTE: To purchase Grills, you order directly from Gary using the button below, which creates a new shopping cart with his gear. Complete the PayPal transaction with him before or after you place a QiWizGear order. Shipping of Grills is free in the USA. Add the additional option to ship to Canada for $7, or to other international destinations for $11.
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