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Featherweight 2 Gram Hanging Esbit Burner
For both the FireFly and Emberlit stoves

Some folks will want to get my MultiFuel mod and have what they need to use either alcohol or Esbit on trail as an alternative to wood fuel for their FireFly. Others may want to just use Esbit as a backup. There are two options for that: my ULtimate Esbit System, and my Hanging UL Esbit Burner, featured here. As I designed and refined it, I realized that the design would work with Emberlit stoves as well, just like my Bake Kit does. Small world!

So whether your wood burner of choice is a FireFly or Emberlit, no worries. Just order the model you need and I'll build it to have the right distance from your pot bottom as it hangs nicely protected inside your stove. This burner works great with the regular FireFly, BUT NOT for a FireFly XL. Esbit solutions for the XL include my DualFuel burner and ULtimate Esbit System.

NOTE: Depending on the wind conditions, efficiency can be greatly improved with a good windscreen.

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If you are ordering a stove or both the UL Esbit Burner and a Bake Kit, select the discount that applies and I'll do a PayPal rebate for you in that amount.

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